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YUAN Yaping

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Yuan Yaping


+86 0431-87836266



professor, master supervisor, doctoral supervisor



 plant genomics and molecular breeding

  graduated from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and received his Ph.D degree in 2001,

entered the Biology Postdoctoral Station of Jilin University to carry out research in plant molecular biology in 2002,

went to Cornell University and Binzhou State University as a senior visiting scholar in 2016.


Work career

2004-present Professor, College of Plant Science, Jilin University

1996-2004 Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture and Sideline Production, Quartermaster University

1991-1995 Lecturer, Department of Agriculture, Jilin Agricultural University

1986-1988 Assistant Researcher, Maize Institute, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences



Work address

5333 Xi’an Road, Changchun City,

Jilin Province, China    





1.  Beibei Liu , Shengzhong Su , Ying Wu, Ying Li, Xiaohui Shan, Shipeng Li, Hongkui Liu, Haixiao Dong, Meiqi Ding, Junyou Han, Yaping Yuan* . Histological and transcript analyses of intact somatic embryos in anelite maize (Zea mays L.) inbred line Y42.  Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. (2015)92,81-91.

2.Shuai. Wang, Shengzhong Su . Ying Wu, Shipeng Li, Xiaohui Shan, Hongkui Liu, Shu Wang, and Yaping Yuan* . Overexpression of maize chloride channel gene ZmCLC-d in Arabidopsis thaliana improved its stress resistance, BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM. (2015) 59 (1): 55-64.

3.  Tianjiao Liu, Lifang Sun, Xiaohui Shan, Ying Wu, Shengzhong Su, Shipeng Li, Hongkui Liu, Junyou Han and Yaping Yuan* . Analysis of DNA methylation patterns and levels in maize hybrids and their parents. Genetics and Molecular Research. (2014) 13 (4): 8458-8468.

4.  Lifang Sun, Ying Wu, Hongda Zou, Shengzhong Su, Shipeng Li, Xiaohui Shan, Jinghui Xi , Yaping Yuan* . Comparative proteomic analysis of the H99 inbred maize (Zea mays L.) line in embryogenic and non-embryogenic callus during somatic embryogenesis. Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult. (2013) 113:103–119.

5.  Xiaohui Shan, Xiaoyu Wang, Guang Yang, Shengzhong Su, Shipeng Li, Hongkui Liu, Ying Wu and Yaping Yuan* . Analysis of the DNA Methylation of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Response to Cold Stress Based on Methylation-sensitive Amplified Polymorphisms. J. Plant Biol. (2013) 56:32-38.

6.  Ying Wu, Hongda Zou, Hui Cheng, Cunyan Zhao, Lifang Sun, Shengzhong Su, Shipeng Li and Yaping Yuan.*  Cloning and characterization of a β-amyrin synthase gene from the medicinal tree Aralia elata (Araliaceae) Genet. Mol. Res. (2012)11 (3): 2301-2314.

7.  X.H. Shan, Y.D. Li, X.M. Liu, Y. Wu, M.Z. Zhang, W.L. Guo, B. Liu and Y.P. Yuan* .Comparative analyses of genetic/epigenetic diversities and structures in a wild barley species (Hordeum brevisubulatum) using MSAP, SSAP and AFLP. Genet. Mol. Res. (2012)11 (3): 2749-2759.

8.  Lifang Sun , Ying Wu , Shengzhong Su , Hongkui Liu , Guang Yang , Shipeng Li , Xiaohui Shan, Yaping Yuan* . Differential gene expression during somatic embryogenesis in the maize (Zea mays L.) inbred line H99. Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult. (2012) 109:271–286.

9.  Meijiao Wang, Hongda Zou, Zhishan Lin, Ying Wu, Xiao Chen and Yaping Yuan* . Expressed sequence tag-PCR markers for identification of alien barley chromosome 2H in wheat Genet. Mol. Res. (2012) 11 (3): 3452-3463.

10. Hongda Zou, Ying Wu, Hongkui Liu , Zhishan Lin , Xingguo Ye, Xiao CHen and Yaping Yuan* . Development and identification of wheat–barley 2H chromosome translocation lines carrying the Isa gene. Plant Breeding. (2012) 131, 69-74.

11. Guang Yang , Hongda Zou • Ying Wu, Hongkui Liu, Yaping Yuan* . Identification and characterisation of candidate genes involved in chilling responses in maize (Zea mays L.) Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult. (2011) 106:127–141.



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