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Kyoto University and Okayama University short-term exchange studies

Date:2019-12-18 10:45:25     Times:

In order to promote the international competitiveness of the students of the Faculty of Plant Sciences, and to further promote the in-depth cooperation between the Faculty of Plant Sciences, Okayama University and Kyoto University in personnel training and academic exchanges, the Faculty will organize 26 undergraduates from December 2 to 6, 2019 Went to Japan Okayama University and Kyoto University for a 3-day exchange study.

On December 3, under the leadership of Professor Yoshiyuki Murata, Director of International Affairs of Okayama University, the visiting group visited the Institute of Plant Science and Resources (IPSR) of Okayama University (ranked 64th in QS Asia University). Professor Toshio Yamamoto first welcomed the visit of the visiting group and introduced in detail the development of the institute and the advantages of the disciplines, encouraging students to move forward on the road of scientific research. Senior Huang Sheng, an outstanding graduate of the School of Plant Sciences of Jilin University, who is studying for a doctorate degree in the institute, patiently answered the questions raised by the students about major selection and scholarship applications. Afterwards, Professor Ma Jianfeng led the visiting group to visit his laboratory. The students admired Professor Ma, who has published 4 "Nature" articles, and had a lively discussion with Professor Ma in the research field of rice seed ion transporters. . The students have been exposed to the world's top scientific research fields, not only inspiring ideas, inspiring, but also inspiring.

On December 4th, the visiting group went to Kyoto University (No. 33 in QS World University Ranking) to study. Professor Masaru Kobayashi gave a detailed introduction to the Faculty of Agriculture of Kyoto University and gave students a wonderful lesson on plant nutrition. In class, students interacted actively with professors. Afterwards, the students visited the laboratories, greenhouses and experimental fields of the Faculty of Agriculture of Kyoto University, and were deeply impressed by the clean and tidy experimental environment and the rigorous and serious scientific research atmosphere.

On December 5, the visiting group came to the Faculty of Agriculture of Okayama University. Professor Funabashi, Dean of the School of Environmental and Life Sciences, received the students, and Professor Goto led the students to visit the campus and laboratory of Okayama University.

Through this visit, the students all expressed that they broadened their international horizons, increased their professional knowledge, and gained new understanding and knowledge in the fields of soil stress, biological stress, genetic resources, and applied genomics. The students who are also in the critical period of choosing a future scientific research path in this visit have deeply planted the seeds of a prestigious school dream and believe that through unremitting efforts, they will continue to take root.

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