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Professor Cui Jinhu from our college and outstanding alumnu Wang Xiaoxian won the National Advanced Individual Honor for Poverty Alleviation

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The National Poverty Alleviation Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on the morning of February 25th. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, presented awards and delivered important speeches to the winners of the honorary title of model for poverty alleviation across the country. The conference also commended advanced individuals and collectives in the nation's poverty alleviation efforts. Professor Cui Jinhu of the School of Plant Science of Jilin University and outstanding alumnus Wang Xiaoxian won the honorary title of National Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation.

Cui Jinhu is a professor at the School of Plant Science of Jilin University, and he is the deputy mayor of Science and Technology of Bianzhao Town, Tongyu County, and the leader of the Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Team of Jilin University. Focusing on intellectual poverty alleviation, technical poverty alleviation, and project poverty alleviation, it successfully helped Tongyu achieve poverty alleviation, and successively won the Jilin Province Special Contribution Award for Poverty Alleviation, the outstanding Communist Party member of Jilin University, and the "Three Quans Education" model


Wang Xiaoxian, a 2009 undergraduate student majoring in agronomy at the Faculty of Plant Science, Jilin University, is currently the third-level chief staff member of the Xinjiang Regional Committee Office of the National Revolutionary Committee. Since 2015, the comrade has participated in the social service work of the district committee for 5 consecutive years and has been selected as an outstanding civil servant three times.


It is worth mentioning that Professor Cui Jinhu used to be Wang Xiaoxian's head teacher, and taught professional courses in cultivation and corn field production. After graduating in 2009, Wang Xiao went to Xinjiang first, rooted in the grassroots, and has been engaged in rural agriculture-related work.


Poverty alleviation and empowerment, making contributions to the earth, the School of Plant Science of Jilin University keeps in mind the professional mission, the party members lead the team to take root in Tongyu, and the online and offline linkage explores a path that uses science and technology as the guidance of poverty alleviation, increase production and income, and takes the whole process of planting, managing and collecting The road of poverty alleviation and enrichment for farmers in Tongyu County, based on technical guidance, enabled 1,600 poor households to escape from poverty and helped farmers "plant" their dreams of a bumper harvest. The college’s party committee was rated as the school’s “Advanced Primary Party Organization for Poverty Alleviation”. In the past, teachers and students stood together in the Great Hall of the People to accept the commendation from the motherland, and the School of Plant Science of Jilin University wrote a chapter of inheritance on the road to poverty alleviation through science and technology.



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