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Academic Report 20201201

Date:2020-11-30 10:07:25     Times:

Report title: "Epigenetics" and human health and crop improvement

Reporting time: 14:00 on December 1, 2020

Report location: Lecture Hall on the second floor of the School of Plant Sciences

Speaker: Professor Xu Zhengyi

Brief introduction of the speaker:

Xu Zhengyi, professor and doctoral supervisor. Winner of the National Youth Talent Project. After returning to China from Harvard University in the United States in 2015, he worked at Northeast Normal University as a distinguished professor of “Eastern Normal University Scholars” and was selected as a distinguished professor of “Changbai Mountain Scholars” in Jilin Province and the sixth batch of “Top Innovative Talents” in Jilin Province. "Youth Outstanding Paper Award" and "World Human Frontier Science Project" Postdoctoral Award from the Society of Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology. He is currently a director of the Chinese Society of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology, an executive director of the Jilin Provincial Genetics Society, and an editorial board member of Plant Cell Reports.

He successively undertook 9 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China General Project and Youth Project. Published 25 research papers in internationally renowned journals such as Plant Cell. He currently lectures on epigenetics and plant biology and other undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses, and has trained more than 20 doctoral and master students in related majors.

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