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Enrollment Promotion and Student Base Construction in Xi'an

Date:2020-12-16 16:18:17     Times:

        In order to further implement the notification requirements of the "Implementation Plan for Strengthening Undergraduate Enrollment Publicity of Jilin University", the School of Plant Science will further promote the undergraduate enrollment publicity work of our school under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. From December 9th to 11th, 2020, the School of Plant Science Party Secretary Yu Shengzong led a team, and Professor Tang Mingxiang, Professor Liu Jinliang and Associate Professor Liang Tianye went to 4 middle schools in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province to carry out offline enrollment publicity work.

        In order to effectively improve the effectiveness of the enrollment publicity work, the publicity team after many discussions before departure decided to go to Xi’an Jingkai No. 3 Middle School, Xi’an No. 89 Middle School, Xi’an Middle School, Xi’an University of Technology Qidi Middle School 4 The high school conducts enrollment promotion. The above four middle schools have their own characteristics. Among them, Xi’an 89th Middle School, Xi’an Middle School, and Xi’an University of Technology Qidi Middle School are all provincial demonstration key middle schools. The online rate of one book is 80%-97%. The Third Middle School is a high-standard, modern public complete middle school founded and supervised by the Economic Development Zone Management Committee. Various facilities on the campus are equipped according to the standards of the provincial model middle school. The Xigong University Qidi Middle School is owned by Shaanxi Qidi Science Park Development Co., Ltd. Co-founded with Northwestern Polytechnical University, a full-time private complete middle school with "high standards, high starting point and high quality". The quality of the students of these 4 middle schools is excellent, showing an upward trend year by year. In particular, Xi'an Middle School ranked second in the number of students admitted to Jilin University in all middle schools in Shaanxi Province for two consecutive years. The important content of this enrollment publicity is the return visit and presentation of the outstanding student base Xi'an Middle School, and the construction of the student source base and enrollment presentations to the Jingkai No. 3 Middle School, the 89th Middle School of Xi'an City, and the Qidi Middle School of Xi'an University of Technology.

        In just 4 days, in front of Zheng Hongbao, the executive vice principal of Jingkai No. 3 Middle School and more than 400 students in the "Jing·Li" Lecture Hall of Xi'an Jingkai No. 3 Middle School, Chen Lipeng, Academic Affairs Office, Lecture Hall, Xi'an No. 89 Middle School In front of more than 200 students from the senior high school liberal arts and science graduating class, in front of Lu Duo recruited by Xi'an Middle School and the teacher in front of the third-year liberal arts experimental class teacher, in front of leaders such as the conference room and the multimedia classroom of Xi'an University of Technology Qidi Middle School and principal Wang Wanbin and more than 120 outstanding students, The enrollment team of the college gave a total of 4 special lectures on enrollment promotion of "Building Dreams and Sailing in Jida". In addition, experts gave popular science lectures on "Virus and Human" and "Vehicle System Dynamics Simulation Analysis". At the same time, three other middle schools except Xi'an Middle School were awarded the "Jilin University Eugenics Base" plaque.

        The enrollment publicity team of the School of Plant Sciences received a warm response from the enrollment publicity work in Xi’an. The interest of teachers and students was high, and the publicity activities wherever they went were lasted for more than 2 hours. He was full of curiosity and yearning. At the same time, the leaders and teachers of the four high schools also gave full praise and appreciation to the enrollment work of Jilin University, and expressed their willingness to encourage students to receive higher education at Jilin University. In addition, the enrollment publicity work was supported and accompanied by the Xi'an Alumni Association.

        The enrollment presentations and the construction of student bases in 4 middle schools in Xi’an have been a complete success. This indicates that our school has made substantial progress in enrollment work in Shaanxi Province. It will definitely improve the enrollment quality of Jilin University in Shaanxi Province in the future. Play a positive role in promoting.

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