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Practice-high-tech Agricultural Practice Internship

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        The ancients said: "It's always shallow on paper, and we must do it personally." We should not talk about science on paper, but "do it personally." Theory is the summary of previous people's practical experience. Only through personal practice and testing the theoretical knowledge in the books can it be turned into one's own practical skills.

    In order to cultivate students' rigorous and realistic scientific attitude, innovative and truth-seeking scientific spirit, consolidate professional theoretical knowledge and improve relevant practical ability. From September 24 to September 26, 2020, students from the College of Plant Sciences of Jilin University who majored in Agricultural Resources and Environment in 2018 went to Tongyu County, Baicheng City, Jilin Province to conduct a three-day high-tech agricultural internship. This course is specifically in charge of the school instructors Ju Huiyan, Liu Hongkui and other teachers. High-tech agriculture is the agriculture developed by combining high-tech. Under the established conditions of agricultural resources, ecology and environment, the development of agricultural high-tech is the guarantee for the breakthrough expansion of my country's agriculture.

    The students of the resource environment class, instructors, off-campus scientific research teams, and companies have conducted in-depth learning exchanges to understand the development of high-tech agriculture and the important position and role of high-tech in agricultural production under the background of new agricultural sciences, so that students have a deep understanding of high-tech The significance of research on the promotion of agricultural development.

    On September 24, students from the Zihuan class went to Tianyi Group's Fruit and Vegetable Film Base.




    Under the leadership of teachers and local technicians, the students visited the greenhouses for growing strawberries, peppers, grapes and other fruits and vegetables. They learned about the planting techniques of various fruits and vegetables and the precautions for cultivation, and systematically learned about various organic fertilizers. Application to improve saline soil.




    On the morning of September 25th, students from the Zihuan class went to the demonstration field of the Poverty Alleviation Science and Technology Institute of Chunyang Village, Wulanhua Town, where the graduate student Liu Shuoran helped the small science and technology institute, the large grower Wang Tianyu and the poor Chen Haijun helped the small courtyard Under the introduction, I learned that the high integration of "schools, government, enterprises, and agriculture" has provided poor households with "aspiration and wisdom" and achieved remarkable results. The scientific and reasonable assistance model has promoted increased farmland production and farmers' income.




    Academician Zhang Fusuo summarized the aid effectiveness of the Science and Technology Institute, affirmed the assistance model and results of the Science and Technology Institute, and praised the assistance work of graduate students, teaching students to be down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts, and not forgetting their original intentions. And also encouraged the students in the Zihuan class.




    In the afternoon, the students visited the pepper and spicy cabbage processing workshop of Tianyi Group, and learned about the whole process, mechanical equipment and sales channels of pepper and spicy cabbage. It broadens the students' horizons, increases their knowledge, and enriches the internship experience.




    At the same time, the students also visited the Xinyangfeng Coarse Cereals Exhibition Hall in the afternoon. Under the introduction of the staff, the students learned about the physiological characteristics and uses of various crops, and observed the morphological characteristics of various crop seeds. After a short period of study, students have been able to easily distinguish various crop seeds.




    On the morning of September 26, the students visually observed the characteristics of different varieties of sorghum in the experimental demonstration base of cereal crops. In the experimental field, Mr. Liu Hongkui talked about several different breeding methods and their advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, he mentioned some related contents of the field experiment. Teacher Ju Huiyan focused on several symptoms of nutrient deficiency in plants, and introduced on-site materials that lack of phosphorus would make plant leaves appear purple-red.





During the internship process of "High-tech Agricultural Practice Practice", the students understood that technological innovation is a breakthrough in agricultural development and a direction that agricultural sciences take their responsibility. At the same time, modern agricultural science and technology has also enriched the content of the country's rural revitalization strategy. The study of theoretical knowledge is the basis of scientific research application, but it cannot fully satisfy the students' exploration of science. Experience in practice can sublimate theoretical knowledge and transform scientific research results into productivity.

    The future has come, and the development of agriculture has put forward more requirements for new technologies and intelligent management. The dream agricultural blueprint is no longer far away. I hope that Ji University will continue to strengthen the study of professional theory, and at the same time combine practical learning to improve professional skills. Take the promotion of the country's agricultural development as its own responsibility, play a positive role in social progress, and never forget the original intention!


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